About Us

Yellow Ribbon Vehicles was created to partner with individual donors who share a common cause: Supporting Service Members, Survivors, Veterans and their families. Through your vehicle donation you are demonstrating your commitment to do the same. While many Americans may not have money to donate, our vehicle donation platform allows used and old vehicles like cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, jet skis, farm equipment and construction equipment to be turned into cash for the non-profit organizations and their missions.

Our Vision

Yellow Ribbon Vehicles’ primary vision is to make donating your vehicle(s) as easy as possible so we can start helping veterans faster. We are a modern organization that is built to maximize efficiency. Our Donation form is quick and simple for anyone to use. After you have filled it out, we will take care of the rest and guide you through the remainder of the process until you’ve received your tax deductible donation receipt. Find out more information by continuing to our Donation Page.

Additionally, this vehicle donation platform was developed to give non-profits and veterans an internet program to work together. That program which is support by these donations is called The Coordinated Assistance Network. This dynamic one-of-a-kind network saves valuable time and avoids wasteful and frustrating duplication of effort for any Service Member, Veteran, Survivor or family member. It also ensures that the resources of our non-profit member organizations are deployed efficiently and that more of their time can be spent dealing with those who are best fit for their services, rather than screening individuals who may or may not qualify. Ultimately this means more resources devoted to their intended purpose: Improving the lives of America’s heroes.